Crime In The News

Click on the links below to discover some my favorite tools and crime story sources:

Crime Library: Crime Library is a collection of stories put together by none other than Trutv. With topics on such criminals as serial killers, notorious killers, terrorists, and gangsters, the Crime Library has stories dating back for decades.

America’s Most Wanted: When John Walsh lost his 6-year-old son Adam in a kidnapping and murder, he started his own television show geared towards catching criminals. America’s Most Wanted profiles stories of crimes dating back decades ago to the most recent ones. The website presents profiles of “America’s Most Wanted.” Although to this day Walsh is still not positive who took his son (serial killer Ottis Toole claimed to have done it), he is helping others get justice for their loves ones who have fallen victims to heinous crimes.

Crime Magazine: Crime Magazine’s headline describes it all: “Crime Magazine is about true crime: organized crime, celebrity crime, serial killers, corruption, sex crimes, capital punishment, prisons, assassinations, justice issues, crime books, crime films and crime studies.”

Crime Reports: Find out what kind of crime is happening in your area. Crime Reports is the largest crime-mapping network in the world.

FBI Uniform Crime Reports: Learn about crime statistics around the nation. View the rate of crime offense in the nation, states, and individual agencies throughout the years. Also view hate crime data, and statistics on the number of law enforcement officers killed and assaulted.

Here are a few true crime books I recommend:

Missing: The Oregon City Girls: A Shocking True Story Of Abduction And Murder by Linda O’Neal

Scared Silent: When The One You Love Becomes The One You Fear by Mildred Muhammad

The Last Victim by Jason Moss


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